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The VPH Workshop on Clinical Data Management and Sutainability, organised by the VPH Institute and sponsored by MD-Paedigree, P-medicine and VPH-Share, succesfully took place in Amsterdam on March 17-18th. The two and a half-days were dedicated to some of the most pressing topics for all partners involved: regulatory issues and legal framework concerning data management, from both legal and clinical perspectives, and long-term sustainability and future exploitation of the projects. Presentations were held by Samuel Iheanyi Nwankwo (Clinical data management:legal perspective), Norbert Graf (Data management and resue: clinical perspective), Edwin Morley-Fletcher (Privacy issues and legal framework in paediatrics data: the case of MD-Paedigree and MD-Paedigree Sustainability Reasons and opportunities for an MD-Paedigree Spinoff), and Haridimos Kondylakis (Tools and repositories for data storage or distributed data access) and Keith McKormack (ICT Projects Sustainability).

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