Coordination & Project Management

D1.1 – Kick-Off Meeting

D1.2 – Project Presentation

D1.3 – Self-Assessment Plan

D1.4 – Quality Assurance Guidelines


Clinical and technical user requirements for disease modelling

D2.1 – Initial requirements analysis document including priorities for the implementation

D2.2 – Revised requirements analysis document


Data acquisition and processing for Cardiomyopathies

D3.1 – Form of Informed consent and study protocol for DCM approval by the local Ethical Committees

D3.2 – Enrolment of 180 DCM Patients (UPDATED AT M24)

D3.3 – Re-evaluation of All Patients


Data acquisition and processing for the estimation of CVD risk in obese children

D4.1 -Data collection protocol and ethical clearance

D4.2 – Report on patient recruitment and data collection at baseline study


Data acquisition and processing for Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

D5.1 -Report on data collection protocols and parents and patients informed consents

D5.2 – Report on baseline data collection status

D5.3 – Report on baseline and intermediate follow-up data collection status


Data acquisition and processing for NND

D6.1 – CGA standard Protocol

D6.2 – A standard protocol of clinical gait analysis is described based on a representative inventory along


Models validation, outcome analysis and clinical workflows

D12 1 – Outline of the clinical assessment and validation for all the four disease areas

D12.2.1 – First clinical assessment and validation results for all four disease areas

D12.2.2 – Second Clinical Assessment and validation results for all four disease areas

D12.2.3 - Clinical assessment and validation results for the 4 disease areas


Requirements and Compliance for the MD-Paedigree Infostructure

D13.3 – Complete list of functionalities for compliance and the system functionality

D13.4 – Update on the requirements and compliance requirements including priorities for the implementation 


Grid-Cloud Services Provision and GPU Services Integration

D14.2 – MD-Paedigree, Alfa version Infrastructure Deployment Report

D14.3 – Beta version Infrastructure Deployment Report

D14.4 - MD-Paedigree, Final Release Report


Biomedical Knowledge Discovery and Simulation for Model-guided Personalised Medicine

D16.3 - Final Release of KDD & Simulation platform


Testing and Validation

D17.2 – Test Report on MD-Paedigree Beta Prototype

D17.4 – Test on the prototype for the case- and ontology-based retrieval service

D17.5 – Test on Beta Prototype of KDD and Simulation Platform


Dissemination & Training

D18.3 Training event in year 2

D18.5 – Final Online Dissemination Objects

D18.6 - Training event in year 4


Exploitation, HTA, and Medical Device Conformity

D19.1 – HTA evaluation framework

D19.6 – Socio-economic impact and HTA Report



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