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Jonathan is a 12 years old boy with a Cardiomyopathy. At clini-cal evaluation he reported no dyspnea at rest with some fa-tigue at mild exercise. He was free of cardiovascular treatment, heart rate was mildly increased and blood pressure was low-normal. A dilated left ventricle with left ventricular hypertrophy was seen by the echo-cardiography. Systolic function was low-normal and diastolic function analysis demonstrated increased left ventricular filling pressure.

The CMR demonstrated a frankly dilated ventricle with mildly reduced ejection fraction and mild diffuse fibrosis of the cardiac muscle. The mitral annular plane was dilated and mitral insuffi-ciency was caused by leaflet tethering. He was treated according to clinical guidelines. A follow-up clinical evaluation and echocardiogram were programmed after three months to evaluate the treatment effect.
MD-Paedigree allows Jonathan’s physicians to exploit the information derived from different diagnostic tecnniques.

MD-Paedigree provides the robust, multi-scale 4D anatomical, hemodynamic and electromechanical model to integrate all available clinical and diagnostic data. Integrated information on CMR cardiac geometry and volumes is merged to the echocardiography func-tional one and clinical examination hemodynamic data.

Beyond that, electromechanical and haemodynamic models of the heart provided by MD-Paedigree help doctors to understand Jonathan’s specific mechanism of muscle dysfunction by integrating information on muscle fibrosis and systolic mechanics, and predict the impact of therapy in reducing mitral regurgitation, filling pressure and thus relieve symptoms. Jonathan’s treatment is personalised and tailored using his modelled cardiac morphology and function, integrating information on heart geometry, ejection function, re-laxation, ventricular inter-dependence, valve function and cardiac workload.

His response to drugs is predicted by MD-Paedigree which helps physicians in prescrib-ing the most effective treatment at the first evidence of cardiac disease, reducing the timeframe from disease evidence to medical treatment.

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