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The third annual meeting was also a concrete occasion to hold MDPaedigree’s second ‘hands-on’ Training Session. A number of refined tools were implemented and tested by the end-users, which could navigate the key features of the tools, from basic operations of the platform to its file sharing functionalities, through realistic use-case scenarios. The featured tools were data curation and validation (DCV), case based retrieval service (CBR), CasiReview and Case Reasoner. Clinicians demonstrated a high level of commitment during the training sessions and gave useful suggestions and feedback to help the developers refine the tools for both user-friendliness and functionality. The expected outcome of this ongoing process will be a robustly integrated tool accessible through a single user interface, allowing diverse datasets, such as imaging, clinical, discharge summaries, etc. to be queried using a comprehensive similarity search engine that can cope with multiple data types and determine similarity using a range of data-appropriate algorithms. This will provide clinicians with more precise, relevant and clinically meaningful results from the types of data that they handle routinely in clinical practice.

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